a few days in Holland, Michigan

SIL Pat and I just returned from a few days in Holland, Michigan and surrounding small villages.  We enjoyed walking the piers and shorelines, shopping, dining and photographing.  Come along..  On the walking tours we were on the lookout for statues and sculptures.

Pledge of Allegiance

The Immigrants

always pretty flowers

cool yachts...each with a unique name

Strong-hearted woman

Joy of Music

Even the restrooms were decorated :)

lovely Dutch architecture

Ben Franklin

candy stores...and every other trivia shop you can imagine...even The Blueberry Store.

and, of course, lighthouse and piers

And hammocks on the pier.  I would probably end up in the water getting out of it!

The DeZwaan Windmill...the only authentic working Dutch windmill in America.

We climbed up on the inside, but the miller climbed outside to make some repairs.

 another neat lighthouse

and...the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan

We could drive along the waters and look at the houses along the shoreland for miles.  It doesn't take too much to entertain us.  It was a great trip!