A Fall Road Trip 2016

The corn is picked.  The field lies dormant.
roadside beauty
Still a lot of green.
cows on a mission
understated beauty
Entering Nashville, Indiana in Brown County
on the road again
in Brown County State Park
real color!
pretty flowers - and a bee
a walk in the woods...and we found somebody's home
a roadside pumpkin patch

so peaceful
another roadside pumpkin patch
When I spied this, I yelled, "Oliver!" and it put a smile on our faces.
A great day :)

Chicken Pie Makin'

A gang of ladies met at Old Capitol UMC for three mornings in early October to make chicken pies for our annual Veteran's Day Dinner.  Edith Davis led our team and did a lot of pre-prep to get us ready to roll each morning.  Also, Joey Rosbottom cooked the chickens early each morning and had them cooled and ready for us at 8am daily.
We donned our caps and gloves each morn and prayed together.
Chicken pickin' is a natural art.

Two Connie's and Edith working on the gravy....Edith's secret recipe.
Carol cooling the chicken and gravy mixtures...requires a lot of ice and a lot of stirring!
Barbara and Pat rolling out the dough...definitely an art to that!
Barbara filling and covering a pie.  Each pie gets one whole chicken.

Yours truly crimping a pie and cutting "chicken tracks" on top to let out the steam :)
A finished pie ready for bagging and the freezer.  We made 120 pies over 3 mornings.  Lots of work...lots of fun.
Come join us November 5th for the Veteran's Day Dinner and church Bazaar.

Frakes Reunion 2016

The annual Frakes Reunion was Saturday, October 1st.  Frank was again our perfect host.  
Our sweet 94 year old Matriarch with the Johnson's.
Nancy, Pat, Mom and Scott.  In the background Jeremy, April and James.
James and Madison
the kids
Frank worked a lot on the decor.
It was a great day.  Sorry I missed so many "people pictures."

a few days in Holland, Michigan

SIL Pat and I just returned from a few days in Holland, Michigan and surrounding small villages.  We enjoyed walking the piers and shorelines, shopping, dining and photographing.  Come along..  On the walking tours we were on the lookout for statues and sculptures.

Pledge of Allegiance

The Immigrants

always pretty flowers

cool yachts...each with a unique name

Strong-hearted woman

Joy of Music

Even the restrooms were decorated :)

lovely Dutch architecture

Ben Franklin

candy stores...and every other trivia shop you can imagine...even The Blueberry Store.

and, of course, lighthouse and piers

And hammocks on the pier.  I would probably end up in the water getting out of it!

The DeZwaan Windmill...the only authentic working Dutch windmill in America.

We climbed up on the inside, but the miller climbed outside to make some repairs.

 another neat lighthouse

and...the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan

We could drive along the waters and look at the houses along the shoreland for miles.  It doesn't take too much to entertain us.  It was a great trip!